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Collect Product Reviews On Autopilot


Collecting product reviews is part and parcel of a business. It's a way of developing a relationship with your customers. But there's more to it.

Product reviews are for your customers to voice their opinions about your products but they can also serve as an additional revenue-generating channel when you're using the right platform. Choosing the right review app allows you to collect reviews on autopilot and keep the conversion process going even when you're not looking.

To make this process easier, Rush supports the industry-best review apps and seamlessly integrates with each of these.

Supported review apps

Here's a list of product review apps Rush supports and integrates with:

Custom Link

Custom links provide you the ability to create your custom link anywhere you want. You can utilize shortcodes to make the link dynamic.

  • {{product-slug}} , example: 75-carat-each-brilliant-cz-round-stud-earrings-in-gold-vermeil. This is the text, that comes after your https://domain.com/products/
  • {{product-id}}, example: 1414979354721. This is the external platform numeric id.
  • {{domain}}, example https://abc.com

Create a link like:


will result in:


Hiding The Review button

Rush offers the flexibility to withhold sending/showing review links for shipments experiencing issues or delays.

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