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Okendo Integration with Rush


The focus of this article is to share a step-by-step guide to integrating Okendo with Rush. Okendo is a review app that helps capture your business’s growth via customer videos and photos, Q&A message boards, and other social proof. This entails collecting customer feedback, sending review requests, and utilizing marketing tools to direct traffic to your store. This way, the merchants and e-commerce store owners can display these reviews to potential buyers who visit their pages.

To see a full list of integrations, refer to the article Rush Integrations.


Before starting the integration process with Okendo, you need to ensure that your Shopify fulfillment integration is marked as Active. You can go over to the article Send Shipping Tracking Events to Shopify and follow the steps there.3.1-1-2

Step-by-step guide

To integrate Rush and Okendo, the step-by-step guide is divided into three sections for better understanding. These sections are:

  1. Integrate Okendo with Rush
  2. Creating and Starting Sequences
  3. Enable enhanced review capture feature

1. Integrate Okendo with Rush

To integrate Okendo with Rush, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Rush app.
  2. Click on Add-Ons from the navigation sidebar on the left.
  3. In the Product Reviews section, click Configure.3.2
  4. The Product Reviews page will open.3.3
  5. Click on Enable to activate the product review links.3.4-1
  6. From the Review App dropdown, choose Okendo.pasted image 0-Apr-28-2023-11-39-25-1473-AM
  7. Open your Okendo account.
  8. Click on Settings.
  9. pasted image 0 (1)-Apr-28-2023-11-39-25-0990-AM
  10. Click on Integrations.pasted image 0 (2)-4
  11. Copy the UUID from the CREDENTIALS section.pasted image 0 (3)-3
  12. Switch back to the Rush app and paste the User ID.pasted image 0 (5)
  13. After inserting the Okendo UUID, you’ll receive a notification that this feature is now enabled.

2. Creating and Starting Sequences

To create and start sequences, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Okendo account.
  2. Click on Mail in the sidebar.
  3. The Sequences page appears.
    pasted image 0-Apr-28-2023-01-10-10-2557-PM
  4. Click the + New Sequence button in the top right corner.pasted image 0 (1)-Apr-28-2023-01-10-10-2561-PM
  5. Select a starting sequence template. Let's choose a Single Review Request.pasted image 0 (2)-Apr-28-2023-01-10-10-2990-PM
  6. Click Create Sequence.pasted image 0 (3)-4
  7. Go to the next section to configure the elements in the sequence.
  8. After you create your sequence, you can edit any of these 3 sequence elements:
    1. RECRUIT block
    2. WAIT block
    3. SEND block
  9. The RECRUIT block allows you to configure the start date of the sequence. Okendo will recruit any orders with a fulfillment date on or after the start date into the sequence. Orders recruited into a sequence will receive a review request email. If you want to recruit past orders into the sequence, select a date in the past as your start date.pasted image 0 (4)-Apr-28-2023-01-10-10-2292-PM
  10. The WAIT block determines the number of days Okendo waits before it sends out a review request email to recruited orders in the sequence.
    pasted image 0 (5)-1
  11. The SEND block allows you to set which customized review request email you will send to your customers.pasted image 0 (7)-1
  12. After you choose the settings that work best for you, activate the sequence by clicking on Start.
  13. pasted image 0 (8)-1


You can only have one sequence running at a time!

3. Enable enhanced review capture feature

If you are an old Okendo user, make sure that you have enabled the Review Capture feature of Okendo. Older stores will have an option to enable this within Okendo Admin > Capture.

Keep in mind:

  • All stores that newly installed Okendo will have this enabled automatically by default. 
  • The Review Capture feature allows your customers to leave reviews on different pages and help store owners gather even more feedback.
  • Learn more about this feature in the article Understanding the Review Capture Form.


That’s all. You’ve integrated Rush with Okendo. Now, whenever you see Delivered next to your order’s fulfilled status, your review request email will be sent automatically to the customer.


Post requisite

When this integration is active and your order status is updated to Out for Delivery or Delivered,  Shopify will also send  email notifications to your customers resulting in multiple emails with the same message.

If you have custom emails set up for these statuses and do not want your clients to get duplicate messages, you can turn off these notifications. To do so, refer to the article Turn Off Shopify Shipping Notifications.

Additional resources

To include the Okendo review product link inside your tracking page or Klaviyo flows, check out these resources: 

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