Send shipping tracking events to Shopify

Send shipping tracking events to Shopify Update "Track your order" button to link back to your tracking page

Important note if you want to use Shopify default notifications: please make sure you have uninstalled all your other tracking solutions if they are sending information to Shopify. This way you can avoid duplicating emails or have multiple messages sent to your customers. We know they hate it :)

In order for your customers to receive Out of Delivery and Delivered emails, you need to Activate "Send shipping tracking events to Shopify", so Rush can start sending the information and updates for these 2 events back to Shopify.

This is also important as part of our, LOOX & integrations. Again, this will ping these apps the moment shipments are delivered and you will be able to create shipment delayed review notifications.

Regardless if you're on a FREE or Paid plan, Rush is natively connected to Shopify and you can take advantage of the following Shipping Notification emails below:

If you want to learn more on how to setup properly your Shipping Tracking Numbers urls for your "Track Your Order" buttons for your Shopify Email & SMS notifications, simply follow this article.

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