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Judge.me Reviews Integration

Judge.me Reviews Integration How to manage product review requests with Judge.me with Rush Slav

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Important note if you want to use Judge.me for reviews: please make sure you have uninstalled all your other tracking solutions if any that might be sending information (shipping events) to Shopify. This way you can avoid duplicating or messing up Judge.me requests.

If you want to automate review requests based on actual delivery time for each customer. This is where Rush & Judge.me come hand in hand.

To get started, follow the steps below:

1. Your Shopify Fulfilment Integration is marked as "Active" in green. (as shown below). You can do that by entering Rush app → Settings → and click ACTIVATE button under "Send shipping tracking events to Shopify" (learn more here)

2. Judge.me is listening for Delivery Based Information so that it can automatically schedule your review requests. For more information read here.

To enable the Delivery Based Requests feature go to:

  1. Settings page

  2. Integrations tab

  3. Admin Backend left sidebar

  4. Delivery Based Requests section, and

  5. Save settings, as shown on the screenshots below.

When this feature is activated, Judge.me will schedule review requests once the order is marked as delivered in Shopify (see below image)

3. Control your feedback requests with Requests Timing Setup

The integration with Judge.me also allows you to configure the timing of your review requests (when they should be sent to the customer) to ensure maximum response rate. You can easily do this from:

  1. Settings

  2. Review Request

  3. Timing and Format

  4. Request Timing.

From this module, you can control the timing and set different settings for requesting reviews, i.e. when the request is sent for international or domestic orders (4), etc. To get more information on each setting.

Thanks to Automatic Reminders (5) you can set how many reminders the app sends to your customers, asking them to review/provide feedback.

As soon as you see the status is marked as Delivered, you will see the Judge.me request ready:

And your client will get a similar email, per Judge.me configuration:

Note: When this integration is active and your order status is updated to Out for Delivery or Delivered the below Shopify email notifications will be sent to your customers by default.

To disable them – simply uncheck the boxes found here: Shopify Admin SettingsNotifications, and scroll down to Shipping:

Uncheck those if you do not want your clients to get these emails, or you have custom emails for these statuses.

To include the Judge.me review product link inside your tracking page check: Product review link feature.

Full list of integrations can be found HERE

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