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This article is about the Notifications section of the Rush app. It covers different features provided by Rush for store owners. These features are constantly improved and updated to cater to the needs of modern-day brands.


The Notifications section of the Rush app is important because:

  • It provides integration options with different apps to share order and shipping updates.
  • It acts as a one-stop-shop for all integrated notification providers.


There are different integration features provided in this section. Each of these integrations is supported by a different subscription plan. Let’s explore these integrations as per the subscription plan:


Once you click on Notifications from the navigation sidebar on the left, the first thing you see is the section labeled Free are:

Send shipping tracking events to Shopify widget next to it.23.1

This integration is made available for all Rush clients and that’s why it’s located in the Free section.

Refer to the article Send Shipping Tracking Events to Shopify to learn more about this topic.

Enhanced Email Design with OrderlyEmails

More information can be checked here: Using Orderly Emails with Rush


Here’s a list of integrations available for all Growth plans:

  • PayPal tracking integration (in development)
  • Smart Email Notifications
  • Omnisend
  • Klaviyo Integration
  • Postscript
  • PushOwl (in development)

Let’s explore what these apps offer once integrated with Rush:

Paypal tracking integration (in development)

This integration is still in beta testing mode. Once fully functional, it will help Rush clients sync tracking numbers with PayPal. It is aimed to help:

  • Build trust
  • Lower rolling reserve
  • Reduce the risk of chargebacks

Smart email notifications

With Rush smart email notifications, you can inform your customers of delivery updates proactively. All needed emails are one click away. It is aimed to:

  • Boost your ROI
  • Increase customer lifetime value by triggering the right information at the right time.23.3

Learn how to activate these notifications in the article Activate Rush Smart Email Notifications.


With this integration, you can use real-time shipping triggers and events to send to your customers. It also helps to create personalized flows and campaigns based on shipping information shared by Rush.23.4

Klaviyo integration 

This integration helps you with using real-time shipping and order events from Rush to create personalized flows and proactive customer notifications.23.5

Go to the article Integrating Klaviyo and Rush to learn more about this integration.


Rush offers a great deal for this integration as it will help you send push notifications to your customers powered by the PushOwl app.23.6

Check out the article Rush special deal - 100% OFF for 2 months - PushOwl use RUSH60 to learn how to apply the code to get the deal.


Rush offers personalized SMS notifications within Postscript for shipping and orders to keep customers informed. 
Refer to this support article: Postscript Integration with Rush


Scrolling down to the end of the Notifications section, you’ll find the integrations available on the Advanced subscription plan. These integrations are:

  • Slack Configuration
  • Zapier Integration (coming soon).23.7

Let’s explore these integrations:

Slack configuration

With this integration, you can centralize all notifications and collaborate with your customers for queries, social media campaigns, and/or tech support.

Refer to the article Integrating Slack With Rush for more information.

Zapier integration (coming soon)

This integration is in the development phase right now and will be available soon. Once functional, it will allow you to integrate multiple apps and automate workflows.

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