Integrating Omnisend and Rush


The focus of this article is to share information regarding integrating Rush with Omnisend. Omnisend is an e-commerce email marketing platform that helps brands increase their sales without increasing their workload. It entails automated emails, SMS & push notifications. With the current integration, Rush allows its store admins to use smart-triggered shipping notifications through Omnisend to maximize ROI, build retention and lower the customers' support tickets on the fly.

Supported plan

Rush Growth plan

Step-by-step guide

To integrate Omnisend with Rush, the step-by-step guide is divided into two sections.

  • Get API key from Omnisend
  • Integrating Omnisend in Rush

Get API key from Omnisend

Follow the steps given below for this section:

  1. First, you need to create an API key.
  2. Click on Store settings.1-3
  3. Click on API Keys.2-2
  4. Click on the CREATE API KEY button.3-1
  5. In the Name field, write Rush App because this key will be used in integration with Rush.4-1
  6. Check the boxes next to the Events permission and click on SAVE.5-1
  7. You have created an API Key.6-1
  8. You can now copy this API key and add it inside the Rush app, so Rush can transfer all shipment events to Omnisend.

Integrating Omnisend in Rush

Now let’s set this up in the Rush app. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Rush app.
  2. Click on Notifications from the navigation sidebar on the left.
  3. Navigate to the Omnisend widget located in the Growth section.7-1
  4. Click on the Configure button.8-1
  5. The Omnisend Integration page will open
  6. Click on Enable.9
  7. Fill in the relevant details.
      1. In the API key field, insert the same API key that was copied from Omnisend into the Rush app. See step 4 of the first section.10
      2. Select the language you want to receive events in.11-3
      3. Select the events that you want to send to Omnisend.12
      4. After picking which events you want to receive, click on the Save configuration button.

      You are all done. Now, to get the initial data inside Omnisend, click on  Send dummy events. This will send all selected events to Omnisend to ease your configuration.13


All events are sent to a demo user with an email No events will be sent to active customers while configuring the integration.


That's all! Now you will be able to see new Rush triggers, starting with RUSH_*14

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