Notification Activity Feed

Experience the advantage of real-time visibility into your message progression, ensuring you never miss a beat in your communication flow.

You can learn more about Shipment statuses in the Shipment Statuses and Sub Statuses article.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that, at present, the Notification Activity feed primarily displays activities related to Shopify Shipping Events and Shopify Fulfillment. The integration of additional platforms, such as Klaviyo, Omnisend, and others, is in progress and will be included in the feed over time.


The Notification Activity feed is a critical component of the Rush app that displays all the messages sent from the Rush system to customers or third-party applications. This feature allows you to monitor all events generated per order and the recipients of the notifications associated with these events. It's designed to provide transparency and traceability for every event sent through the Rush system, including specific information used. The feed comes with a search and filtering function, which lets you search by order number, email, or phone and filter results by message status, channels, events, and processing times.

Step By Step

  1. Go to the Rush app
  2. In navigation click on the Notifications
  3. Click on the Activity feed


You can filter based on a few filters:


Every message goes through a series of statuses:

  • Queued: The message is created and waiting in line for processing.
  • Processed: The message has been processed and is ready to be dispatched.
  • Sent: The message has been successfully sent.
  • Failed: The message could not be sent to the external system for some reason.

This system allows you to easily track the progress of each message, identifying those that are sent, pending, and delivered. Though messages typically move from "Queued" to "Sent" within 2-3 minutes, occasional failures can occur due to network issues or problems with the external system. Still, we have a process in place to retry sending it.


Channels refer to all the notification systems the Rush app connects to for sending messages. This includes all third-party apps or functionalities that can receive notifications from Rush. Some of these channels include:

  • Shopify Shipping Events - learn more
  • Shopify Tracking Info Events - learn more
  • Klaviyo (Pending)
  • Omnisend  (Pending)
  • Slack (Pending)
  • Smart Email notification (Transactional Emails) (Pending)


Events are based on shipping statuses or order events. Some examples of these include:

Order events:

  • Order created - This event is triggered when a new order is placed in the system.

Shipping events:

  • Shipment created - This event happens when an order's tracking label is created. 
  • Pre transit - This event indicates that the shipment is still with the seller or in the warehouse and is yet to be handed over to the carrier.
  • In transit - This event is triggered when the shipment has been dispatched and is on its way to its final destination.
  • Shipment delay - This event is triggered when there's an unexpected delay in delivery, which could be due to carrier issues or adverse weather conditions.
  • New estimated arrival time -  This advanced event provides an updated estimate of when the shipment will arrive.
  • Out for delivery - This event is triggered when the shipment is on the delivery vehicle and expected to reach the recipient within the day.
  • Failed delivery attempt - This event happens when the carrier attempts to deliver the package but cannot, perhaps due to the recipient not being present.
  • Delivered - This event is triggered when the shipment has been successfully delivered to the recipient.
  • Order pickup ready - This event happens when the shipment is ready to be picked up by the customer from a specified location.
  • Order pickup reminder -  This advanced event sends a reminder to the customer when a shipment has been left at a pickup location for several days and has not yet been collected.
  • Return - This event indicates that the shipment is being returned, perhaps due to a failed delivery or because the recipient has chosen to return the item.
  • Waiting for delivery - This advanced event reminds the customer to set a delivery date with the carrier to receive the order.
  • Exception - This event is triggered when something unexpected happens with the shipment, such as damage or loss.
  • No Carrier Updates -  This advanced event is a date-based event that sends a notification when a shipment hasn't received any new updates from the carrier for a certain number of days.
  • Transit over time  -  This advanced event sends a notification when a shipment has been in transit for more extended than expected. This could indicate possible delays or issues in the delivery process.

You can learn more about the shipment statuses in the Shipment Statuses and Sub Statuses article.

Date range

You can filter notifications based on the date they were created.

Activity details


Selecting an activity will give you more details about what transpired during that particular event. This includes information about the channel and event and related objects like the Order label or shipment UUID.

Furthermore, you can get details about when the notification was queued, processed, and sent. For Sent and Fail events, additional information is available about the successful or failed response from the system the event was sent to.