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Shipment Statuses and Sub Statuses Explained

Shipment Statuses and Sub Statuses Explained Understand your shipment statuses and sub statuses Slav

Major shipment statuses

We tag your shipment based on its new shipment event with one of the following statuses.

Based on those statutes further notifications are sent.

  • Pending - represents the timeline from order creation to parcel been received by the carrier company. You can think of it also as pre In Transit state.

  • In Transit - parcel is in transit to its way to the final destination.

  • Out for delivery - The carrier is about to deliver the shipment, or it is ready to pick up.

  • Failed attempt - Тhe courier couldn’t deliver the package.

  • Waiting for delivery - Shipment failed, and the carrier is waiting to be connected for further delivery arrangement.

  • Delivered - The shipment was delivered successfully.

  • Pickup ready - The package arrived at a pickup point near you and is available for pickup.

  • Expired - Shipment is marked as expired when there were no new shipments updates for more than 4 weeks and shipment did not reach Delivered state.

  • Exception - Custom hold, undelivered, returned shipment to the sender, or any shipping exceptions.

Shipment sub statuses

On top of those statuses, we provide more context with sub statuses. You can see the sub statuses below along with their description:


Sub statuses








Waiting for details


No tracking information


Preparing shipment


Awaiting shipment


there is no information yet received.

tracking information is not yet available.

your order is about to be shipped soon.

your order is not yet being prepared to ship.










In Transit


At customs



Released from customs



In carrier


At destination city




your order is currently held at customs.

your order has been through customs and is now cleared to continue on its way.

your order is with the carrier.

your order has arrived at its destination city.

your order is being forwarded to the next carrier or next step in delivery.

Out for delivery










Failed attempt


No access


Not secure location



Invalid address



Animal interference

the carrier did not have access to the delivery location.

the address was not suitable for delivery.

the address provided does not exist or could not be found.

there is an animal guarding the delivery destination address or is obstructing access to it.



Waiting for delivery

Schedule delivery



Requested wait

your order is to be delivered as scheduled.

delivery of your order is being paused on your request.

















At front door


At Mailbox



At Parcel locker



At PO box



At Agent



At Address



At pickup location




Manually marked

your order was delivered to your door.

your order has been delivered to your mailbox.

your order has been left in a parcel locker you provided.

your order has been delivered to a post office box you provided.

your order has been delivered and received by a person.

your order has been delivered to your address.


your order has been delivered to a pickup location and is waiting for you to collect it.

your order has been delivered to a manually marked location.

Pickup ready






Tracking canceled

information on the tracking is no longer available.












Carrier not found


Invalid tracking code


Carrier service error


Invalid tracking information

Delivery refused


Package disposed

the carrier you have entered could not be found.

the tracking code provided is invalid.

there is an error with the carrier.

the tracking information provided is invalid.

the delivery was not accepted.

the package was thrown away/disposed of by the carrier.




Filtering based on statues

You can filter statuses inside the Shipments tab

Further, you can filter to specific status by `Sub Status` list:

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