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📦 Shipment Details App Block

For a more detailed understanding, consider visiting our Shipment checkpoint location details article.Overview

This app block shows shipping details like ETA, carrier details, shipping messages, and other information. When your customers land on your tracking page, the first thing they’re looking for is some information about their order's shipping status. This block will help them get details around it. However, you can use only the 🚚 Wizard Summary App Block to share a summary of information.


Usually, it is placed next to items in order or banner app components.


Let’s see what can you customize in this app block:



You can set the title of the app block, when there is no estimated delivery date related to the order, we will use this field for a section title. By default, we will show "Shipping details" in the native language.

Title, when ETA available

This element allows you to set the title of the section when a shipment has an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the order. By default, we will show "Estimated delivery" in the native language.

Show message locations

Use the checkbox to enable or disable the location messages.

For a more detailed understanding, consider visiting our Shipment checkpoint location details article.

Show carrier information

Check this box if you want to display the carrier information - logo, name, tracking number, and call button.

Show estimated delivery date

Use the checkbox to hide or show the Estimated delivery date.

Date & time format

Here, you can set the time with one of the following formats:

  • Aug 31 (MMM D)
  • Wed, 31 Aug (ddd, DD, MMM)
  • 31 Aug (D MMM)
  • Wed, Aug 31 (ddd, MMM DD)
  • 31.8 (D.M)
  • Wed 31.8 (ddd D.M)
  • 31-8 (D-M)
  • 2021-08-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • 2021.08.31 (YYYY.MM.DD)

Number of latest messages shown in collapse mode

You can select how many messages you want to display in collapse mode. We suggest you keep it roughly between 1 and 3. Customers usually care about their shipment status and can click to see more if they need it. This will save you space to put nice related products for selling.


This section allows you to style the text in this app block.


Based on the language you select, you can check or uncheck this box to set the direction of the text in the app block.

Title text color

Here you can set the text color in the app block.

Link text & icon color

You can select custom colors for links and icons.

Link text & icon hover color

This element allows you to set the colors for link text and icon hover.

ETA text color

Use this element to set the color of the ETA text.

Message text color

Change the color of the message text.

Border color

You can change the color of the border of the block.

CSS style

The CSS style box has an input form to add custom CSS.

Case #1

The default font condenses the letters:

Apply CSS, as shown bellow:

.shipment-delivery-date {
  line-height: 1.1;


Case #2
EDD adjust the font size

.shipment-delivery-date sup {
    font-size: 20px;

Case #3
Shipment date_change font color

.shipment-message-date {
  color: #EB6600;

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