1. Rush Shipments

Shipment Lookup Filters

Shipment Lookup Filters Find any shipment information in one Dashboard Slav

When you go to Rush - Ship, Track & Notify -> Shipments, you can look up all your orders & shipping tracking information.

You can easily sort by certain Shipping Status:

  • All

  • Delivered

  • Pickup ready

  • In Transit

  • Out for delivery

  • Failed attempt

  • Exception

  • Waiting for delivery

  • Expired

  • Pending

or Filter by Shipping Sub-status. Example:


  • Sub-statuses:At Front Door At Mailbox At Parcel Locker At PO Box At Agent At Address At Pickup Location Manually Marked

NOTE - don't forget that you can use all these Shipping Sub-statuses to create your own Email flows within the Rush App or using Klaviyo.

Using the SEARCH BAR, you can look up information quickly by typing in e.g. "order number or shipment tracking or customer name or price"

Additional filters are available when you click on "More Filters"

All Shipping Tracking Numbers Statuses are labelled with their Sub-statuses (text after the COMMA below) in different colors. Example:

Feel free to enter any order based on your choice to check more information about it.

What you can do:

  • Lookup custom tracking page url

  • Refresh - tracking number if needed

  • Retrack - tracking number in case you've imported a wrong tracking number and you've corrected it already in your Shopify Order

  • Delete (optional)

  • Last status - the current status of the shipment

  • Delivered on - date of delivery

  • Full information - about the shipment activity

  • Original shipping carrier url (if applicable)

  • Transit time - how long it takes for a shipment to be delivered at it's final destination after it has been picked up from a designated pick up point.

    This is important to be noted, since quite often suppliers might take couple of days before they'll ship your order out and throughout that period your Shipping Status will be in PENDING mode. That time is NOT calculated in the real Transit Time.

  • Contact information

  • Order information

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