Setting Up Rush Tracking Links for Third-Party Platforms

Rush enables easy integration for third-party platforms to set up user-friendly tracking URLs using permalinks, ensuring seamless customer tracking.

As a fulfillment center or sourcing application, one of your key objectives is to make package tracking as easy as possible for your customers. This is where Rush steps in. Our platform can seamlessly integrate with yours to provide user-friendly tracking number URLs.

Rush's Permalink Domains

Rush employs as the domain for permalinks to redirect customers to their default tracking page. All you need to do is include the appropriate store domain (for Shopify stores, you can also use, and either the order number or tracking number in your links.

How to Set Up Tracking Links

Here's an example of how you can set up a Rush tracking link using a tracking number:{{domain}}% endraw %}?search={% raw %}{{tracking_number}}
Alternatively, you can use an order number:{{domain}}?search_order={{order_number}}

Rush's flexible system means you can include as many available search parameters as you have. The tracking page will pick the necessary ones based on the specific store setup:{{domain}}?search={{tracking_number}}&search_order={{order_number}}&search_email={{customer_email}}

Here is what a full set-up URL may look like:

Note: When including a customer's email, replace the @ sign with %40. This is important as search engines like Google discourage passing private information in get variables.

Rush Partnerships and Integrations

Rush is partnered with many solutions, making our tracking solution even more adaptable and robust. Some of our popular integrations include:

These partnerships ensure you can deliver a seamless tracking experience to your customers regardless of your platform.

By creating a flexible and easy-to-use system, Rush ensures your customers always have an easy time tracking their orders. Don't hesitate to integrate Rush with your fulfillment or sourcing application today.