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Integrate Rush With DSers


The focus of this article is integrating DSers and Rush. DSers is considered one of the best dropshipping tools in the e-commerce industry. This is for store owners to directly source the products from suppliers and send them to customers. It allows businesses to avoid hassles like storing, packaging and delivery. With its easy integration and one-click synchronization features, DSers has been gaining popularity amongst Shopify merchants. It provides automatic synchronization for your Shopify orders and also allows you to manage all your orders in one place. Rush provides integration with DSers so that the customers can access your brand’s tracking page conveniently.

Step-by-step guide


  1. Open the DSers app.unnamed (2)-3
  2. Go to Settings in DSers admin.
  3. Click on Sales Channel SettingFulfill Flow Manager from the left panel.

4. Scroll down to the Email Settings  → Click on the dropdown menu next to Custom Tracking Url. → Choose Custom from the dropdown list.

5. Paste the following link: https://tr.ac/{{domain}}?search= ,where you have to add your domain
will be


That’s all! Rush and DSers are now integrated.

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