Map Location

Map Location Pick which location on the map will be visible by default.

You can choose from these three options. Here's what Rush will display on the map:

  • No location - meaning all your shipments won't show any location (pin) on the map.

  • Order shipping address - The displayed location will be pulled from Shopify order's information.

  • Current carrier location - based on what the shipping carrier will provide to Rush as information (latitude and longitude).

Here are examples of how each option will look on the map.

No location

No pin on the map. No locations over the carrier status. (see Current carrier location for difference). Note that if the carrier adds city names or country names, it will be visible. If you want to further remove those see: How to blacklist locations.

Order shipping address

Based on the Shopify order's shipping address.

If Shopify returns valid locations, they'll be displayed on the map:

Current carrier location

Based on the carrier's location and filtered out with AI's help, we map the location address to GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) to display them on the map.

Note: There might be issues when the carrier doesn’t provide enough details about the address, such as city and country.

For example, if the carrier provides only the city name “Memphis” as a location, it exists in both Egypt and Tennessee, USA. (It will randomly pick up one of the 2, given that there are no other details provided).

In addition, carriers don’t provide always location associated with the checkpoints, so some checkpoints may miss location information.

To avoid any possible location issues, we usually advise going with No location or Order shipping address options.


1) How does the software determine which location to pick (e.g. when there are duplicate names)?

Answer: There is no specific algorithm and so a random value is picked. The more duplicates there are, the smaller the chance for picking the right one.

2) Can an incorrect location be corrected?

Answer: No, you can’t correct locations for individual shipments. The option you choose is applied by default for all shipments.

3) What if the previous locations were in a given country (e.g. in the US) – would the software assume that the destination location is in the same country?

Answer: No, the location tracking is based on input data (by Shopify or carriers) and it will not make assumptions (as they will always be wrong when the shipment is cross-country).

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