Blacklist / Hide Locations (for dropshippers)

Blacklist / Hide Locations (for dropshippers) Change shipment locations dynamically based on your preference Slav

If you are using dropshipping for your orders you are most likely using China as the main location to fulfill the shipments.

We know that most of your customers worry when your shipments originate from Asia, so we got you covered.

Step #1 - Blacklist Country or Region

Rush will replace the origin country with a location of your choice.

Go to Rush - Ship, Track & Notify -> Settings -> Tracking page configuration and scroll down to "Blacklisting"

In the field "Country or region to be replaced", please choose which country (or countries) you want to mask in the tracking page – e.g. China. You also have an option to blacklist a whole region – e.g. Asia. In this case, all countries located in Asia will be replaced with your chosen location. In the field below “Search or replace with a country or region” you can find your preferred replacement country/region.

In the below example we're replacing "China" with "Paris, France" and it will result in the visualization on the tracking page:

Note: When you choose a country or region to mask the software will automatically replace all the cities (when a country is chosen) or all the countries and cities (when a region is chosen) that reside in that location with a location of your choice. You don’t need to add them separately.

For example – if you have chosen to mask China with Paris and there’s tracking information that has Shenzhen in it, the software will automatically detect that Shenzhen is in China and will replace it with Paris. The same will apply to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and any other city within China.

Step #2 - Search and Replace Words

You can replace single words or phrases in the shipments statuses on your tracking page using the “Find & Replace” feature. Please note that it’s not case-sensitive and you can replace any text (e.g. replacing ‘YunExpress’ with ‘Carrier’ will turn ‘YuNExpREss’, ‘yunexpress’ or ‘YUNEXPRESS’ into ‘Carrier’). You can add as many as you like.

Here is an example of how to do it easily:

Click on "Add new line" next to the "SEARCH AND REPLACE WORDS" box.

A pop-up will appear.

Example 1:

Type what you will be replaced in the “Find” field – in this example we will replace ‘YunExpress’ with ‘Carrier’ which we will enter into the “Replace” field. And that's all, now every time ‘YunExpress’ is found in the shipment description it will be replaced with ‘Carrier’.

Example 2:

Let’s add another line to replace the phrase ‘front door’ with ‘home address’.

When you refresh the tracking page, your changes will be visible:

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