Here are some rule of thumbs why your order is not synchronized within the system:

  • Your orders are not fulfilled;

  • Your order fulfillments do not have tracking numbers;

  • Your order was created 7 days before you installed rush;

  • Your order was created 60 days before today;

Your orders are not fulfilled

It is very to understand how fulfilled orders looks like by going to your orders section. So your orders need to be in: Fulfilled or Partially fulfilled.

Orders with other statuses like Unfulfilled, or In progress.

Does not have tracking numbers and you will not have them as shipments on your shipments tab.

Your order fulfillments do not have tracking numbers

Sometimes the order is fulfilled but it does not have a tracking number. Example:

Fulfilled order with a tracking number:

Or this is how a partly fulfilled order looks like:

You can fulfill your order manually or automatically. Here is a Shopify guide about fulfilling orders.

Your order was created 7 days before you installed rush

On install Rush App, we sync your orders for the last 7 days. If you need to sync for more than 7 days. You need first to upgrade to a paid plan and then you can sync your orders up to 60 days.

Your order was created 60 days before today

Shopify allows us to sync up to 60 days backward from today's date. If your order was created more than 60 days from today, it is not visible to Rush.

How does Rush sync your shipping tracking numbers?

Once a store installs the Rush app, Rush is immediately requesting the following data to Shopify:






Once the data is requested, Rush is waiting for Shopify to provide it back to us.

In rare cases, Shopify is sending back the data, but it might not be received/synced correctly. Example (for the geeks):

"message":"Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.\nRequest ID: 55b063c8-4ba2-4978-9dba-4db7895c5e88 (include this in support requests).",

What Rush does about it?

Every 3 days, we are running full sync on all your orders for the last 7 days, to make sure any missing orders are going to get synced. This will re-sync all the orders that Shopify did not inform us of correctly.

What you can do about it?

Manually Syncing a single order tracking number


Sync order to Rush on-demand

We offer on-demand sync if you want to sync an order now.

  1. Go to your Orders;

  2. Enter order details, and click on More actions

  3. Click on Sync order tracking details, from the dropdown list.

  4. Wait for the order to be sync (this can take between 10 sec to 2 min, depending on your volume of orders);


More actions menu in Order details

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