Import All Orders up to 60 days


This article will share information on syncing the clients’ past orders after installing the Rush app. This simply means that the store owners can import orders into Rush for the previous 60 days from the date when the import request was initiated. Going forward, Rush can store your orders within the system for years but when it comes to importing the previous orders, there is a limitation from Shopify that restricts Rush and allows visibility to orders for the past 60 days only, at maximum.  

Rush, by default, syncs the orders for the past 7 days including the tracking numbers, however, you can sync on demand for longer period duration up to 60 by following the steps in this section.

Step-by-step guide

To sync up the orders for more than the past 7 days up to 60 days, follow these steps:

  1. Select Apps from the navigation sidebar on the left.
  2. From the list of installed apps, select the Rush app.image-png-Mar-20-2022-07-47-29-31-AM-1

  3. Click on Shipments from the left navigation sidebar.
  4. Click on the Import Orders button located at the top right corner.
  5. A pop up window will appear on the screen. Click on the drop down menu and select the number of days for which you want to sync order information.
    pasted image 0 (2)-1
  6. Click on the Import button.


That’s it. 

Keep in mind that the sync-up may take some time based on your order volume. So, sit tight and let the procedure get completed.

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