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Creating a Flow in Yotpo SMS & Email - Out For Delivery


This article will show you how to build an automation flow in Yotpo SMS & Email. Rush allows you to create flows based on different shipment statuses. These flows are then set up with trigger filters so that whenever a shipment reaches a Rush event, a corresponding notification can be sent out.


Before creating the flow, you should connect Rush to your Yotpo SMS & Email account - Integrating Yotpo SMS & Emails with Rush 

Step-by-step instructions

Let’s make a flow for shipment status Out for Delivery for Shipment:

  1. Go to your Yotpo SMS & Email account
  2. Click on Flows & Automation from the navigation sidebar on the left.
  3. Click on Create flow from scratch.
  4. From the Rush triggers choose the Out for Delivery for Shipment.
  5. Click on Add action

  6. Choose SMS/MMS message
  7. In the text message field, add the text that you want to be sent to your customer
  8. For example, let's add: Your order {order_label} is Out for Delivery!
  9. Click on the Save button
  10. Add a name for the flow
  11. Click on the Save button


That’s all! You’ve built a flow for shipment status Out for Delivery. Now, Yotpo SMS & Emails will send an SMS notification when an order is out for delivery.

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