Configure upsells on the tracking page

Configure upsells on the tracking page Setup Upsells / Cross sells on the Custom Tracking Page Slav

Setup upsells for tracking page

To enable Upsells to go to Rush → SettingsActivate and Configure them.

Now, you will 3 options to choose a product source for your upsells on your tracking page.

  • Recommendations - you can learn more here on how Shopify picks recommended products based on your order product items.

  • Newest - latest published products to your store.

  • Collection - this is powerful and you can pick a custom selection. Do not know how to create collections? Check out this video.

If you choose to select a collection, simply scroll up and down or use our type to search functionality and select the right one based on your preference.

Which will result in upsells on your search order page:

and upsells on the right of shipment details:

For mobile, upsells are added inside a scroll:

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Initial view:


Check it out in a demo link here.

Great, now you've set up your Upsells / Cross-sells and you will love this new channel of increasing your Lifetime Customer Value (LCV).


As we utilizing the recommendation Shopify endpoint for upsells (read here). It has some limitations:

  1. It always needs a product number to base recommendations on.

  2. For some products, there are no recommendations.

  3. In 2% of the time, it fails.

For those cases to maximize the expose, if we are not able to show Recommendation products are picked, we choose by default Newest products to be shown in their place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many products do upsells show?

Answer: Up to 50.

2) I set recommended products but I'm seeing the Newest products?

Answer: For cases where there is an issue taking information from Shopify about recommended items, we show by default Newest.

3) I do not see upsells on my tracking page. What now?

Answer: Make sure you:

  1. Configured a non-empty collection,

  2. You have published products in the store.

  3. Your store is not password-protected;

4) I see you have upsells for emails, how to enable them?

Answer: Yep, we have. In order to use them in emails, you need to be on plans that allow you to send them via Smart Email Notifications, or Omnisend or Klaviyo. Shopify native emails do not support upsells.

5) Where I can see orders coming from the tracking page?

Answer: We create a special report for this - Analytics & Performance. [Read more here]

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