Add Tracking Page URL to Your Store’s Header/Footer


The focus of this article is to help store owners add tracking page URL to their stores’ navigation. The importance of adding a tracking page URL to a store’s navigation is that it acts as a shortcut to the page that gives real time updates to customers regarding their orders/shipments.

To learn more about the benefits of a tracking page, refer to the everything about tracking page article.

Supported platform


Step-by-step guide

To add tracking page URL to your store’s navigation, follow the steps given below:

  1. From the navigation sidebar to the left, click on Online Store.
  2. Select the menu where you want to add the tracking page URL; for example, Footer menu or Main menu.
  3. Select Navigation.
  4. Click on Add menu item.
  5. Specify the text to be hyperlinked, for example, Track Order in this case. Also specify the tracking page URL. 
  6. Hit the Save menu to save changes.


If you want to update the tracking page URL, refer to the Change Tracking Page Permalink in Shopify article.

Depending on which menu you’ve chosen, the link to the tracking page will be added to your store page either:

  • On top – in the main menu; Or
  • At the bottom – in the footer menu.

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