1. Getting started with Rush

Add Tracking Page Url to Your Store's Navigation

Add Tracking Page Url to Your Store's Navigation Link tracking page to your store navigation Slav

👉 Under your Shopify admin dashboard, head to the Navigation tab located within the Online Store section.

👉 Select the menu you want to add the Tracking Page URL to (e.g. Footer menu, Main menu)

  • Click "Add menu item"

  • Give your item a name - e.g. "Track Order"

  • If you haven't changed your tracking page permalink, just search for "/a/track" and select the page. You can also copy the permalink by going to Apps -> Rush Ship, Track & Notify -> Settings -> Tracking Page Configuration -> click Configure. Your tracking page permalink will be shown at the bottom of the page

After selecting/adding the permalink in the field (Link)

  • Click "Add" and then

  • Finally click "Save menu"

Depending on which menu you’ve chosen, the link to the Tracking page will be added to your store page either on top – in the main menu or at the bottom – in the footer menu.

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