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The focus of this article is to share the importance of the tracking page. The first and foremost purpose that a tracking page serves is to let customers track their shipments. With online stores and e-commerce businesses taking over the world, it has become important to have a solid online presence and a customized tracking page lets you do exactly that.

This brings us to Rush and how it not only conveniences merchants and online store owners to set up a customized tracking page for their customers to track their shipments but also provides the option to customize their tracking pages according to their brand’s vibe with multiple themes to choose from.

Target Audience

  • Dropshippers
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Print-on-demand businesses
  • Brands


With the rise of online shopping websites, there was also an increase in customer complaints regarding shipment tracking, delivery checkpoints, providing feedback, and/or leaving product reviews. It can become a constant hassle for customer support to answer multiple queries about the same topic resulting in ever-busy agents and hence not being able to help every customer. This reflects poorly on an otherwise thriving brand.


To address the above-mentioned problems, Rush came up with a vital solution. The solution was to give the option of creating a tracking page to the store owners, merchants, and/or dropshippers. The tracking page is meant to act as a one-way stop for all customer queries. With a customizable tracking page, the brands can do the following;

  • Provide customers with order details
  • Provide a direct link to track orders
  • Add a direct link for their store, where customers can query their shipment status
  • Answer FAQs right on the tracking page
  • Add links for customers to leave product reviews
  • Add upsells related products

Benefits of a tracking page

The tracking page benefits your brand by:

  • Giving customers access to all post-shipment information, keeping your support agents focused on more important things
  • Tracking orders in real-time
  • Providing relevant information like discounts, deals, and promo codes
  • Displaying the best sellers and the recommended products as per the customers’ previous purchase, can turn into one more sale and hence generate revenue
  • Give out your brand’s information like your contact info and your store link for the customers to reach out to you


Following are some tracking page features that store owners can enjoy using the Rush app:

  • Style and configure the tracking page using the theme of your choice and as per your branding guidelines. 
  • Rush has given the option to set up the tracking page in different themes. The themes available are Modern, Drag-n-drop, and Code my own. Each of these themes comes with custom settings and features to display on your tracking page. 
      • For instance, the Modern Theme allows Rush clients to add a FAQ section and give a modern look and feel to the tracking page in either light or dark themes.
      • The Drag-n-drop theme is a collection of app blocks that lets you create and customize a powerful tracking page for your store.
        Rush provides multiple app blocks that let you arrange, customize, and style the tracking page according to your needs.
      • The Code my own is all about setting up the tracking page using the source code. It allows for font change, selecting different color themes and making other adjustments as per your brand’s vibe.
  • Allow customers to track orders with one click of a button.
  • Allows customers to have a unique, trackable link to your store tracking page.
  • Configure the tracking page in the language you require. Rush currently supports more than 20 languages and provides the opportunity to add new ones too.
  • Promote the new, recommended, or best-selling products for customers to browse and choose to buy again if they want to. This way your brand has an opportunity to make one more sale and your tracking page becomes the new spot for generating revenue for your brand.
  • Set up a frequently asked questions section right on your tracking page. This will help your customers get their frequently searched queries answered without having to wait for customer support. Based on the frequently asked questions by customers, you can add questions and their answers to the tracking page.
  • With the map Location feature on the tracking page, let your customers visualize the pin location of the shipments as per the information provided by carriers. 
  • Get product reviews from your customers as social proof of your store’s great products and increase your credibility. Rush offers the ability to add product review links on the tracking page to let the customers promote your business on your behalf. 
  • In addition to all this, you can also change fonts and update text on your tracking page according to your needs.
  • Last, but not least, you can Add a Tracking Page Url to Your Store's Navigation and Customize your tracking page URL if needed, using the Rush app.

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