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Your store information Add more information about your store Slav

Another great feature on the Custom Tracking page is the option to build trust, credibility through providing additional options to your buyers to contact you and at the same time let them know of a special event, promotion or updates related to shipping transit times.

The example below shows which Setting belong to which area on your Custom Tracking Page

Make sure to take 1min and fill the info accordingly and provide more clarity for your customers.

Available fields:

  • Store name

  • Store logo

  • Store information - e.g. events, updates, promotions etc.

  • Phone icon - pre-filled Phone number e.g. tel:+1235555777. This way when a customer click on the icon they can easily call up your number

  • Second link icon - usually it can go to your "Contact" page where customers can connect with you

  • Go to Store link - feel free to link another Collection page, Best-Selling products, Homepage etc.


If you leave any of the fields BLANK, they won't show up on the Custom Tracking Page

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