Why Am I Charged After Downgrading or Uninstallation?


The focus of this article is to address a commonly asked question by store owners. The question revolves around the topic of billing and how Shopify brands get credited back if they downgrade to a less expensive plan in the middle of an ongoing expensive plan billing cycle.


Why am I charged after downgrading to a less expensive subscription plan or after uninstallation of the Rush app?


If you decide to downgrade to a less expensive subscription plan or uninstall the Rush app, you can still be charged the full plan price for the last month in your Shopify billing invoice.


Let’s understand how this works. 

The reason is that the Rush app billing cycle and Shopify billing cycle does not match. Subscriptions are collected from Shopify upfront and if there is a change in any of the subscription plans by the client, Shopify adjusts it by applying prorate. So, you will be credited back for the days you did not use. If you do not see any credit back in the next 30-days, let us know and we will help with your request to Shopify.

The image below shows the example of different stores that downgraded or uninstalled the Rush app, and how they are credited back from Shopify (Applying minus to Rush account). 

Here’s a screenshot from Rush App Shopify Partner Account for your reference:

Account for your reference

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding Rush:

  • The Rush app does not bill merchants directly. In order to be compliant, all payments are collected via Shopify and shown on the Shopify invoice. Shopify later on pays-off to Rush.
  • Rush app does not collect or store payment cards for Shopify stores.
  • Shopify is responsible for collecting all payments from its merchants for all the installed apps including Rush.
  • If you downgrade your plan, Shopify will apply prorating to your spending and you will be credited back via the next invoice.


  • If you downgrade your plan by moving from a more expensive charge to a less expensive charge, then you're automatically offered an application credit based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle. This application credit can be used towards any future application purchase on Shopify.
  • For more information on how app prorating works, refer to the App prorating, upgrades, and downgrades article.
  • To learn more about Shopify billing, refer to the article App Charges

Contact us

If in the next invoice you do not see the credit applied, feel free to contact us by dropping us an email at help@rush.app and we’ll be happy to help you resolve the issue.