What is a Merchant’s note and how to set it up?


This article will share the process of setting up a merchant’s note on the tracking page and in notifications; we’ll also discuss its uses and placement. A merchant’s note is a way to display common messages to your customers on the tracking page or in your shipping emails. It is displayed as a banner with a title and a message.


We have provided the alternative features on the OS2 tracking page - Announce Bar App Block.

Configure the merchant’s note on the tracking page

To activate the Merchant’s note on the tracking page, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Rush app.
  2. Click on Add-Ons from the navigation sidebar on the left.
  3. Keep scrolling down and locate the Merchant’s Note widget in the Growth section.
  4. Click on the Activate button to activate the Merchant’s Note.pasted image 0 (1)-4
  5. After the Merchant’s Note is activated, click on the More dropdown and click on Configure to customize it as required.pasted image 0 (2)-3

Configure the position of the merchant’s note on the tracking page

You can position the merchant’s note:

  • In Liquid form which means that it’ll be in a floating mode on your tracking page.
  • Or you can set it on the Top of the tracking page.pasted image 0 (3)-2


Note on top of the tracking page

Depending on which note type is chosen, the note will appear on top of the page as shown in the image below:
Modern style tracking page:Untitled-2

Note in liquid mode on the tracking page

The note can be set in the floating mode in the lower right corner of the page as shown in the image below:

Modern style tracking page:

Untitled (1)-1

Traditional style tracking page:

pasted image 0 (4)-3

OS2 (Drag & Drop) tracking page:

Refer to this page: Announce Bar App Block

Note on phone

Here is what the Merchant's note looks like on your phone:

Note on top of the tracking page:

Note in liquid mode on the phone

Here's how the note looks in liquid mode on the phone.

Modern style tracking page:
pasted image 0 (7)

Traditional style tracking page:
pasted image 0 (8)

Apply markdown syntax to the merchant’s note

There is also the option to apply markdown syntax to the merchant’s note.

You can update the following fields:

  • Title
  • Message

pasted image 0 (9)

Links: You can also add hyperlinks to provide shortcuts to useful resources.


Here’s how markdown syntax helps bold the text in a merchant’s note or add links to it.

Bold text in the note

Here's an example of a text formatted in bold:pasted image 0 (10)

Link to FAQ

In addition, you can add links into the Message field that lead, for example to your Shipping FAQ page or other important information by using markdown syntax.pasted image 0 (11)

Here’s how it visualizes: 

pasted image 0 (12)


That’s all. The merchant’s note is set up successfully.


Here’s how the merchant’s note visualizes on the modern and traditional tracking page:

Modern tracking pagepasted image 0 (13)

Traditional tracking pagepasted image 0 (14)

Configure the merchant’s note in shipment emails

Within your existing emails, you can add/remove the merchant’s note or change its placement in the email.

 If you have not activated the Smart Email Notifications yet, you can follow the how-to guide in the article Configure Smart Email Notifications.

To control where within the email and on which emails the merchant’s note is sent; you can do so by editing the shipment emails.

  • Click on the Edit icon located next to the email you want.pasted image 0 (15)
  • Afterward, on top of the Email Content field, you'll see shortcodes for the merchant’s note by default.Untitled (2)

Keep in mind...

  • These shortcodes are references to the note titles and messages you have already set up in the merchant’s note menu.
  • Using the editor, you can delete the shortcodes for the merchant’s note or change their placement in the email.
  • You can also use the menu on the right with all shortcodes to customize the emails based on your needs and according to your preference. Read more about Smart Email Notification Shortcodes


Here is an example of how the merchant's note will visualize within the shipment email:Untitled (3)

How can you use a merchant’s note?

You can use a merchant’s note for the following cases:

  • Let customers know about global shipping delays or issues with warehouse times.
  • Giving promo code on it, for returning customers.
  • Notifying customers about important information regarding shipments.


Check out these examples:


Message: Make sure to visit the site on February 1st, 2022 for our new collection launch!!!

Title: Delay Notice

Message: Please allow 2 - 6 days for the tracking to update after you've placed an order. Our current delivery time is 8 - 20 days. Your patience is highly appreciated!

Title: Thanks for shopping with us. You're awesome! 😺

Message: Get 10% off your next order with the discount code 'SAVE10'.

Title: Have questions - email us!

Message: Email us at “help@store.com” and someone will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

Title: Our processing time has slightly increased.

Message: Royal Mail International and 4PX Couriers are currently experiencing some backlog and staff shortages so please be aware that some orders may be delayed due to this issue.

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