What is a Merchant’s note and how to set it up

What is a Merchant’s note and how to set it up A way to send direct messages to your customers on the tracking page 

Merchant’s note is a customizable badge on your tracking page or inside the shipment emails, which you can use to easily and quickly send messages or announcements to your visitors.

Activating the Мerchant’s note on the Tracking page is easy and quick:

From Apps -> Rush - Ship, Track & Notify -> Settings -> Merchant’s Note -> Click Configure

You can Enable/Disable the merchant’s note on the tracking page anytime from the menu:

You can place the merchant’s note in 2 positions – 1) on top of the page above the main menu or 2) as a floating note that can be minimized so that it can be accessed again at any time.

The next two fields are Title and Message, which can be changed/updated at any time. Markdown syntax is enabled for these fields, which means you can easily format the text using non-alphabetic characters like # or * etc. They help you format the text in bold, italic, etc. Learn more [how to use Markdown].

Here's an example of a text formatted in bold:

In addition, you can add links into the Message field (that lead, for example to your Shipping FAQ page or other important information) by using Markdown.

Depending on which Note Type is chosen, the Note will appear on top of the page:

Or in floating mode (in the lower right corner of the page):

Here is how the Merchant's note looks like on your phone:

You can find additional information on how to set up the Merchant's note in these two videos - [Demo Overview] and [Full Demo Tutorial].

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