What is a charge limit?

What is a charge limit? Limit your payments to the amount your are comfortable with.

Charge limit helps you in times when you have unpredictable order volume, but you did not need the next plan.

When you are having a couple of extra shipments over a billing cycle, our suggestion is to add a bit on top of your plan (charge limit) to be able to process the extra orders you have.

Rush billing plans are made to be fully transparent and, at the same time, fully flexible for all our clients.

Our plans match your order volumes. Fair usage billing policy.

To make things clear enough, let's look at the following example:

If you're on our STARTER plan at $29.00 that includes 400 shipments per month, and if you reach your quota of shipments, we will ask you if you want either:

You can increase your limit by going to Rush App -> Billing and scroll down to the "Charge Limit" section

When you click on "Change Limit", a pop-up will appear and will ask you for the amount you want add to increase your limit.

The minimum limit threshold starts at $1.00

When you're ready, click on "Apply Limit" and then "Approve."

Technically you're staying on your current plan, but by increasing your Charge Limit, you can continue using Rush, and you will be charged $0.07 per shipment based on your Charge Limit Cap.

Once the charge limit is reached you will see messages on top:

and inside the billing:

NOTE: All Features of your current plan will remain active and available, but Rush won't send more notifications until the plan is upgraded or the charge limit is increased.

Subscription plan prices, shipment quota, and cost per shipment can be different based on your plans.


1) What is Forecasted charge/costs?

Answer: The forecasted charge/costs are calculated automatically on the basis of current usage from the user.

Example: If the user has consumed $6 in the first 5 days of the month, the software will calculate that for the remainder of the month (25 days) he will consume $30 more, amounting to a total consumption of $36 – these are the Forecasted costs.

NOTE: Forecasted costs are just an indicative measure. They do not limit the actual sum that can be set as a charge limit.

2) Can I change my charge limit more than once for one per billing cycle?

Answer: Yes, you can change your charge limit as often as you like. The only limitation is – the charge limit can’t be lower than the current usage. This is a limitation from Shopify.

Example: The user has a current usage of $11.16. In this case, he can choose any charge limit greater than or equal to $11.16 but can’t go lower for this billing cycle (you can go lower as soon as you reach the next billing cycle).

3) Where can I find information on costs per shipment quota, free trackings left and when my next billing cycle starts?

Answer: All this information can be found in Apps -> Rush ‑ Ship, Track & Notify -> Billing (upper right corner) -> Current plan

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