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What Additions Does Rush Do to the Theme?


Rush and Shopify’s integration aims to provide a smooth user experience for merchants and store owners. Therefore, the elements from both these platforms seamlessly integrate to best represent your brand’s image.


You can install Rush to any theme you have within the Shopify Admin. One theme is deleted, so it is Rush-related assets to it.

Once you pick in which theme you want to install Rush, we will add liquid and JSON files in:

  • section templates
  • page templates

Keep in mind...

  • All Rush assets start with `app-rush` followed by additional reference, as you can see in the image below:20.1
  • Our scripts modify only the assets that start with  `app-rush` and never change other assets. Be mindful of the naming conventions while making changes manually.

Contact us

For queries and feedback, feel free to reach out to us.