Using Dynamic Properties for Email, SMS & Push Notifications [Omnisend]


This article will share information regarding the use of dynamic properties aka shortcodes within Omnisend. These properties or shortcodes can be utilized in editing the content of emails, SMS, and push notifications. This way, Rush aims to help business owners to make customized flows to notify their customers.

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These dynamic properties or shortcodes are based on the data that Rush shares with Omnisend. This data then helps in building flows and sending out notifications to your customers with all shipment-related information and hence improving an overall customer support experience for them.

Step-by-step guide

Edit content in Omnisend using shortcodes

  1. Go to the Omnisend dashboard.unnamed-Apr-25-2023-09-15-29-6099-PM
  2. Click on the Automation tab.unnamed (1)-Apr-25-2023-09-15-41-2853-PM
  3. Navigate to one of your workflows, for example, a workflow based on the Out for Delivery event sent by Rush.
    unnamed (2)-Apr-25-2023-09-15-56-0682-PM
  4. You can choose to edit content by clicking on the workflow. For example, if you want to edit the content of the SMS, you can click that box. 
  5. From the dialogue box on the right, click on Edit Content.unnamed (3)-Apr-25-2023-09-16-14-1128-PM
  6. You can now drag and drop different elements and edit them as required.
  7. Click on the Insert personalization icon.unnamed (4)-Apr-25-2023-09-16-35-4456-PM
  8. Select Custom events to see all the shortcodes and select the one you want to add.unnamed (5)-Apr-25-2023-09-21-03-2599-PM


That’s all. You can now create new flows and edit content using these shortcodes.

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