Trial period: What to know

Trial period: What to know All you need to know about the trials Slav

All paid plans come with a 7-day trial. Now you can test all Rush features for free for 7 days. Enjoy!

Trials FAQ

Q: How do I start a free 7-day trial?

A: You can start a free trial by navigating to the app's billing tab, and clicking on Upgrade plan. Then inside the panel, pick any plan, if you are eligible for a trial you will be able to start it.

Q: What plans support trials?

A: All plans support trials by default. If you do not see Start a 7-day free trial , but Subscribe this means that you are not eligible to access the free trials.

Q: Will I get charged to start a trial or any time during my trial?

A: Once you start a trial, you’ll be prompted to authorize Shopify payments. We will not charge you to start your trial, or at any time during your 7 days. Note that Shopify will reconfirm your trial information on the Confirmation screen, as well it will show a confirmation button as Start free trial.

Q: Are trials available for the annual plan?

A: Yes annual plan includes trials, as shown below:

Q: How can I cancel my trial?

A: If you decide that you do not want to continue with a paid Rush subscription, you can cancel your trial subscription before the 7 days are up and you will go back to the Free plan and will not get charged.

You can do that by opening again the Pricing panel, and click on "Go free". This way we will cancel your plan, and move you to Free again.

Q: What happens at the end of my trial if I don’t cancel?

A: If you don’t cancel your trial by the time your 7 days are up, your subscription will automatically start and you will be billed for the selected trial plan.

Q: Who is eligible for a trial

A: Trial is a means to give a safe way for unfamiliar with Rush store owners to test the app out. Some stores get results in the first 2-3 days, others see it later down the road based on their niches and season.

This means trials are offered to:

  • Stores that were never on a paid plan (Stores previously or currently on paid plans are excluded)

  • Stores that never used trial (Stores that previously were on trial and downgraded to free are excluded)

Q: Can I switch between Trial plans?

A: Yes you can. For example, if you started a trial with a Basic plan, but want to move to Growth, you directly go and Subscribe to the Growth plan. You will use the days left on trial with Growth features and quota.

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