Traditional vs Modern vs DIY Theme


This article focuses on different themes provided by Rush for setting up the brands’ tracking pages. It shows you what features are available on different themes and how these features help enhance your tracking page. 

Tracking page themes

Rush has provided its clients with three different themes for tracking pages to choose from. These themes are:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Do It Yourself (DIY)

These themes differ from each other in the aspect that each one supports different features on your custom tracking page. For example, the DIY theme supports code edits which gives you full control over branding your tracking page. However, the traditional and modern themes don’t support it. 

Here's where you can switch and select your preferred theme:


The following table shows different features supported on different tracking page themes:


Modern Theme

Traditional Theme

DIY Theme

Multilingual tracking page


Custom FAQ section

Dark and light mode

Page between site header & footer

Product review button

Source code edits