1. What is Rush?

The Order Tracking Glossary

The Order Tracking Glossary These are words you’ll commonly see when you use Rush, or in Shopify

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[Rush] App

An extension of the Rush system that connects Rush with another platform. An example is Rush Shopify App - a special solution of Rush, build for Shopify Marketplace.


Is the transportation company that delivers parcels using air, truck, and rail for delivery. Some carriers perform the final delivery by themselves (FedEx, DHL, etc.) or use last miles carriers to deliver the parcel once it is inside the country of delivery (YunExpress, 4px, etc)

Last Mile Carrier

The transport company doing the final delivery to the customer. If the customer misses the delivery it should call the last mile carrier, rather than the carrier that shipped the order internationally.


Shipment is a collection of tracking number information, carrier information, order information, delivery address, and customer that is shipped to. Shipment is created as soon as an order is fulfilled and has tracking information attached to it.

[Order] Fulfilment

The process of assigning part of your order items to a tracking number (fulfilment).

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