1. Rush Notifications

Smart Triggers

Smart Triggers Understand the triggers, and when they are fired Slav

All triggers around Rush systems are the same for all integrations or features. This means that you get the same triggers for Omnisend, Klaviyo, or Rush Native emails.

Here are triggers:

  • New Order - New order created in Shopify without a tracking number. This usually happens as soon as a customer finalizes an order.

  • New Shipment - fired when an order gets new tracking information. It is similar to the Shopify Fulfilment event.

  • New Checkpoint - Send when there is a new record related to the shipment. Example: Shipment is moving from one city A to city B. Each time carrier adds a checkpoint or note to the shipment. This trigger will be invoked.

  • New Shipment Status - Any shipment status or sub-status change e.g. from Pending to In-Transit, or from Out For Delivery to Delivered, etc. Read more about shipment statuses.

  • Possible Delay - Based on country-to-country shipment average delivery days (based on the shipping carrier as well). If the shipment is not marked as delivered and is past the average delivery times, an event is triggered. This event is triggered to proactively let customers know that their shipment is having a slight delay.

  • Arrived at Destination Country - Send if the shipment International (Cross-country e.g. China to the USA), the moment the shipment enters the final country destination (USA), this trigger will be fired.

  • Left Origin Country - If you're shipping International (from China to the USA for example), the moment the shipment has a new address that is not the origin country (China), the trigger will be fired. If there are no intermediate checkpoints, this trigger and Arrive at Destination Country can be triggered at once.

Trigger mapping for Klaviyo, Omnisend events.

Both systems are receiving these triggers:

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New Order


New Shipment


New Checkpoint


New Shipment Status


Possible Delay


Arrived at Destination Country


Left Origin Country


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