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Smart Import (Beta)

Smart Import (Beta) Slav

NOTE: We accept all kind of Excel formats, e.g. ".csv" ".xls" ".xlsx".

Rush is already integrated with the Shopify Orders Fulfillment, which means that regardless of your fulfillment solution, whether you upload tracking numbers manually or use a 3rd party app (software) e.g. ShipStation, Oberlo, Dropified, OrderDesk etc., your tracking numbers will automatically be synced with Rush.

But, in cases when the Merchant needs to upload tracking numbers via CSV, XLS Excel file, we created the "Import (Beta)" functionality.

The Import Process is easy as 1-2-3

Click on the Import link under Shipments -> Import (Beta) and select your file.

We use Smart Import functionality, so there's no reason to follow a specific template.

All we need is 3 Columns with data (Order ID , Tracking Number , Shipping Carrier) to import your info correctly.

Drag and drop your file.

Then select the correct columns that consist the Order ID , Tracking Number , Shipping Carrier data.

On Step 3 you'll see a summary report of the Import. Kindly allow in some case a few minutes based on the total number of order tracking numbers you're trying to import.

Currently, we're experiencing some limitations, and thus the reason the feature is still in Beta available for a fairly small number of tracking numbers.

Things to keep in mind:

[1] It takes lot of time to process tracking numbers, as we are doing multiple bulk calls to the Shopify system to insert them. As Shopify utilizes asynchronous communication - we still need one process to execute, before we can start with the next one.

You can read more here: https://shopify.dev/tutorials/perform-bulk-operations-with-admin-api#rate-limits

Currently, there can be only one active (running) bulk operation per shop (for each app) at any given time. This limit is in place because operations are asynchronous and long-running. To run a subsequent bulk operation for a shop, you need to either cancel the running operation or wait for it to finish.

NOTE: We're working on future improvements, where both Rush & Shopify systems will communicate asynchronously, and when the update is ready, we'll let you know via email.

[2] Uploading Order Tracking Numbers via CSV, XLS Excel file

We are using a couple of rules to process the tracking information:

  • If an order is Fulfilled: With single fulfillment - we update shipping information and insert (import) the tracking number (doesn't matter if there was a past tracking number or not. Error will appear only if it's a duplicate one)With multiple fulfillments - Rush can only insert one tracking number, since we can't know which number corresponds to which product. ( in this case, we kindly suggest adding tracking numbers manually for each fulfillment, and we can process it from there automatically)

  • If you upload a single tracking number for single order:
    If the order is Fulfilled - Rush will update tracking information (as stated earlier)If orders are Not Fulfilled (Unfulfilled or Partially Fulfilled)
    Unfulfilled Order - Rush will update the tracking information and will create a fulfillment. Partially Fulfilled Order - Rush will group all order items, insert (import) the tracking number, and will mark the order as Fulfilled.

  • If you're uploading a tracking number for an order that already has the same tracking number, Rush will return a duplication error;

  • If you made mistake by assigning a tracking number to an order number that does not exist in your Shopify store, Rush will return an error;

Note that during the import process, all possible imports will be set, errors will be returned only for the items that were not processable, with a detailed error status. See the example below:

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