Smart Estimated Delivery Date (EDD)

AI-based predictive delivery dates with 90%+ accuracy

After configuration, you must add 🎯 Smart Delivery Estimate App Block your OS2 store theme.

If you don't use OS2 compatible theme, please contact support on how to create a custom widget for your need.


This article focuses on how to set Rush Smart Estimated Delivery Date - often referred to as EDD.
Showing when the customer will receive the order even before the order is done increases the conversion rates. Now customers expect and look that they will know when they will get it to make a purchase decision. 
Rush allows store owners to leverage their historical data and data from similar stores to predict the EDD with AI models.
Supported plan
Rush Advanced plan
Step-by-step guide
For better understanding, this step-by-step guide has been divided into two sections.
Installing Incoming WebHooks app to Slack
Integration with Rush