Smart Email Notification Shortcodes


The focus of this article is to explain the shortcodes within Rush Smart Email Notifications. In simple terms, a shortcode performs an exclusive function and adds a specific feature to a webpage. Rush allows brands and store owners to take advantage of these shortcodes to customize the emails they send to their customers. Shortcodes are a great way to make your shipping notifications personalized and provide the right information at the right time.


The shortcodes are usually indicated by brackets like {{this}} . 

To view a list of shortcodes supported by Rush:

  1. Select Add-Ons.
  2. Go to Smart Email Notifications.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. You'll see Notification Events.
  5. Select Edit against any template.

Rush offers the shortcodes in the right sidebar of an email like shown in the image below:


Shortcodes explained

The table below shows each shortcode with an example and a description. Check it out to better understand these shortcodes provided by Rush.





Rush – Demo store

The name of your store.


The URL address of your store


The main email people can use to reach you.


The location of your logo file.



First name of the customer.



Last name of the customer.


<broken link>

The email address of the customer.


+1 555-555-5555

The phone number of the customer.


United States 

The country of the customer.


Cupertino, 95014, United States

The delivery address used by the customer.



Order number


December 7th

Тhe date on which the order was placed.


The logo for the carrier.



The name of the carrier.


+1 8002758777

The phone number provided by the carrier.


The website of the carrier.



The tracking number provided by the carrier.


December 14th

The expected date for delivery.



The shipment title, containing details like the product purchased.




The tracking number of the shipment.



The shipment’s current status.


At the mailbox

The sub-status related to the shipment status.


Link to the custom tracking page of the shop.


The link to the order on the custom tracking page.



Cupertino, 95014, United States

The last location for which the information was provided.


December 13th

The date of the provided checkpoint information.


Delivered at the mailbox

Additional information on the last checkpoint location.


Our transit times slightly increased.

The title of the merchant’s note.


Your order is on the way, but the carrier is reporting delayed delivery times. We will keep you informed on the status of your order.

The merchant note message body.



The current year.



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