Slack integration

Slack integration Receive shipment updates directly into your Slack app 

You can send shipment notifications to Slack's channel based on your preference.

In order to do so, please install Slack's "Incoming WebHooks" App for this link →

Follow the Steps from the image below and in less than 30sec you will have Slack integrated with Rush

If you followed the steps closely, you should see messages coming to your Slack's channel as shown in the examples below:


  • Event: New shipment created

  • New shipment created with valid shipping tracking added to your Shopify order.


  • Event: New checkpoint

  • New Checkpoint - New shipment checkpoint; Example: Shipments are moving from one city to another.


  • Event: Possible delay

  • Possible Delay - Based on Country-to-country shipment average delivery days (based on the shipping carrier as well). If the shipment is not marked as delivered and is past the average delivery times, an event is triggered. This event is triggered to proactively let customers know that their shipment is having a slight delay.

Full list of integrations can be found HERE

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