Shopify Order Status/Thank you page modification

Shopify Order Status/Thank you page modification Pick what sections you want to be visible, and added a tracking link to it. 

Once the customer completed a purchase, he is redirected to the Thank you page, which looks something similar to:


You can see how you order status page looks by entering into order, and selecting "View oder status page" from More actions drop down, as shown below:

Rush gives the options to actually modify the Shopify order status page further, by:

  • Adding directly link to the tracking page;

  • Altering buttons behaviour;

  • Altering sections visibility;

This is needed in situations where:

  • You want to push traffic to the tracking page proactively, so your customers feel secure about the order. Do not worry, we will show that shipment is in preparation if you still do not have shipment added;

  • As at the end of the order Shopify sends a link to the customer, to his order status page. Customers can return to it and directly see a link to your tracking page, which limits the support efforts.

  • You want to skip the "Track order with Shop", and push the user to the tracking page, thus increase the conversion ROI;

  • You want to have more control over what order/shipment information users are seeing, especially important for dropshippers.


Why do I need Smart Delivery Estimate?

If you see this error message:

It simply means that we will now show any delivery estimate on your Order Status page. Example with Smart Delivery Estimate.

Track order card with Estimated delivery date

Track order card without Estimated delivery date

Is the page multi-language Enabled?

Yes, we support all Shopify languages, see those screenshots page examples:


How to stop Shopify native emails or Shop tracking?

You can hide both section, and enable our custom on top. This helps keeping customers at your site only, and give them the visibility of tracking only on your tracking page.

Tables can't be imported directly. Please insert an image of your table which can be found here.

Default Shopify view

With hidden section

Why Shopify shows a different delivery date than your ETA?

You can see cases like the following, where we show ETA on Sep 2nd, and Shopify on September 1st.

What is going is that as soon as Shopify knows the order is "Out of delivery", they will show this message with the date of the delivered items, (Sep 1st is Out of Delivery, so Shopify will show Sep 1st as delivery date, and the message).

In reality, going to the FedEx carrier page, that the Scheduled delivery is for September 2nd.

Our suggestion is to hide always Shopify Sections, to provide a better customer experience.

Why order status page of checkout (Thank You page) alters sections visibility with a delay?

This happens because remote JavaScript code that is loaded into the pages of a shop's storefront or the order status page of checkout, allowing to add functionality to those pages. Remote JavaScript is able to run and alter sections only after the checkout page is fully loaded, thus creating delay. 


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