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Setup Specific Shipping Statuses & Sub-statuses Flows [Klaviyo]

Setup Specific Shipping Statuses & Sub-statuses Flows [Klaviyo]


Let's set up a flow for the Shipping Status Delivered

Simply go to your Klaviyo account and click on Flows (left hand-side bar) & click on the blue button "Create Flow"

Next, click "Create From Scratch"

Next, click on "Metric"

And you will see a dropdown with available Rush Events that will look like

If you want to get familiar with the different events that Rush is sending to Klaviyo, kindly LEARN MORE HERE

In short, the Main Layer of Events consists of:

  • New Shipment - New shipment with valid tracking code added;RUSH_NEW_SHIPMENT

  • New Checkpoint - New shipment checkpoint; Example: Shipments are moving from one city to another.RUSH_NEW_CHECKPOINT

  • New Shipment Status - Any shipment status or sub-status change e.g. from Pending to In-Transit to Out For Delivery to Delivered etc.RUSH_SHIPMENT_NEW_STATUS

  • Possible Delay - Based on Country-to-country shipment average delivery days (based on the shipping carrier as well). If the shipment is not marked as delivered and is past the average delivery times, an event is triggered. This event is triggered to proactively let customers know that their shipment is having a slight delay.RUSH_FORECASTED_POSSIBLE_DELAY

  • Left Origin Country - If you're shipping International from China to the USA, the moment the shipment is leaving the origin country, Rush will send an event to Klaviyo, which can be used for email campaigns (sequences)RUSH_PACKAGE_LEFT_ORIGIN_COUNTRY

  • Arrived at Destination Country - Send if the shipment International (Cross-country) e.g. USA to Germany. The moment the shipment enters the final country destination, we're getting an update.RUSH_PACKAGE_IN_DESTINATION_COUNTRY

Select on the above EVENTS and then click "Add a trigger Filter"

You will see a dropdown with a huge list of Dimensions (properties) to use to set up your Flow's emails.

In this case, pick either a "Shipment Status" or "Shipment Sub-status" based on your preference

In the "Dimension Value" field you should see some already available "Shipment Status" or "Shipment Sub-status" triggers. If you don't see all or any, it's because we're syncing your Orders Tracking Numbers and we will show only the ones that are currently available based on all your Tracking Numbers information.

Let say you're not seeing the Delivered At Mailbox yet. This is happening because you still don't have such shipments that end up being Delivered At Mailbox, but you can still set up your flow using simply the following piece

Simply COPY and PASTE it into the "Dimension Value" field in Klaviyo and the moment Rush detects that there is a shipment that is Delivered At Mailbox, Klaviyo will send an email or SMS notification out.

The full information about Shipping Events, Statuses, Sub-statuses is available here

So, technically you can set up all "Shipment Status" or "Shipment Sub-status" triggers in advance, and once your shipments reach those events, Klaviyo will send a notification out.

Now you need to select the Action Type (e.g. Email or SMS)

Simply DRAG & DROP in the Flow and you should see something like this

From here it's time to set up your Email or SMS content.

Simply follow this Tutorial on Best practices how to get the maximum results using our Tips & Tricks.

More Flow build cases can be found HERE

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