Set up Automation Flows in Omnisend using Rush Triggers & Events [Omnisend]


This article will guide store owners to create automation flows in the Omnisend app using triggers and events provided by Rush. This is to allow merchants to customize Omnisend workflows according to their needs. This way, Omnisend will push out notifications to customers whenever the custom event is triggered.


Rush Growth plan.

Step-by-step guide

Before going on with this setup, you need to first get the integration process done for Omnisend and Rush. Refer to the article Integrating Omnisend and Rush.

Now, let’s create a flow for shipping status in Omnisend.

Creating a flow for shipping status

Starting with creating a flow for shipping status, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Rush app from the list of installed apps.
  2. Click on Notifications from the navigation sidebar on the left.
  3. In the Growth section, navigate to the Omnisend widget.
  4. Click on Configure to enter into Omnisend.omnisend
  5. In the Omnisend app, click on the Automation
  6. Click on New workflow.workflow
  7. Click on Create custom workflow.custom
  8. In the Edit trigger section on the right side, click on the Trigger dropdown and choose RUSH_SHIPMENT_NEW_STATUS as the trigger.triggerOther Rush events that can be used to create custom shipping flows for statuses are In Transit, Out for Delivery, New Checkpoint, and so on.
  9. After selecting the event, go to Trigger filters
  10. Click on Please select filter dropdown to see all the properties. These are the dynamic properties that Rush sends to Omnisend.Omnisend2
  11. Select shipment_status shortcode from the list of these properties. Based on which event you target, you might want to select a specific trigger. For this example, we set `delivered` however you can refer to all shipments statuses and sub-statuses in the article Shipment Statuses and Sub Statuses Explained.explaine
  12. Go back to the flow you were creating in Omnisend and write the shortcode there as shown below:below

Same step for other statuses such as: 





  1. After writing the shortcode, click on

Now Omnisend will trigger the flow when a certain shipment is delivered. You can further pick what mediums like SMS, email, or push notifications to notify your customers when the shipment gets delivered.delivered-1


That’s all. Now you can continue to create more flows based on different shipment statuses and sub-statuses by using the dynamic properties aka shortcodes.

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