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The focus of this article is to share information regarding all the apps integrated with Rush. While using Rush, the merchants and e-commerce store owners will have access to a lot of integrations with other apps which will grant them easier control over their data.

Apps integrated with Rush

There are many different apps integrated with Rush, sorted out in different sections based on the functions they perform.

Email messaging apps

Rush provides integrations with different email messaging apps like KlaviyoOrderlyEmails, etc. You can read about other such apps in the article About Notifications.

Notifications apps

Rush provides integration with Slack so you can receive notifications about different Rush events and handle all business-related matters in one place.

Review apps

Review apps help merchants to receive valuable feedback from their customers. Rush offers integrations with review apps like Judge.me, LOOX, etc.

To see the full list of review apps that you can choose from, refer to the article Add a Product Review Button.

Product Sourcing apps

Rush allows integration with dropshipping apps like DSers for merchants to directly source and store products and then send them to customers.

Fulfillment apps

A fulfillment app like ShipBob Fulfillment allows merchants to handle pick up, packaging, and delivery to customers, and integrating it with Rush allows tracking the fulfilled orders, i.e., orders with valid tracking numbers, in real-time.

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