Providing access to store

Providing access to store When we cannot help you just by looking at our side Slav

There are cases, where we might need access to your store, to be able to debug the issue that you are having.

There are 2 ways to grant us access:

  • By us requesting it;

  • By you granting it;

Sending collaborative access request

For those cases, we either will requests access to your store (just part of it) - to see orders and apps you had installed and your settings setup. You will get an email similar to this one:

You'll be presented with a list of permissions you can allow for the request. Leaving them all unchecked allows providing the most comprehensive level of support to troubleshoot your issue.

After accepting the request Rush support agent will be able to access the necessary areas within your Shopify admin without using up one of your staff account spots.

You will receive an email similar

Grant staff access

If for some reason the collaboration request is lost or accidentally refused we cannot send a second request. Therefore we may require Staff access to your store. To provide this access, you can follow the steps below.

Log in to Shopify as the account owner and click Settings in the bottom left. Then on Plan and permissions button

Now click on Add staff.

This is by default what permissions you can request. Depending on your need, we might request more, or feel free to give also Full permissions.

Don't forget to Reply to our original collaboration request email to notify us that you've sent the invitation so we can get right to helping you as soon as possible!

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