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🛍️ Items In Shipment App Block


This app block shows the items in the shipment and provides the option to leave a review or reorder the products. This is to enable your customers to revisit their past purchases, provide an opportunity to leave a review, rebuy the same product, or even consider buying something similar.

Follow the guide to configure a review app for your store in the article Add a Product Review Button.


Here's a visualization of this block on different screens:


Let’s see what can you customize in this app block:



You can set the title for the app block. This is to ensure that your customers know what they want to see when they click on this block.

Show product images

Use this checkbox to enable or disable the images for the products in the shipment

Add ‘Buy again’ button

You can add a button for your customers to buy the product again. Uncheck this box if you want to remove this button.

Add ‘Write a review’ button

You can add or remove the button for writing a review. Check out the article Add a Product Review Button to configure the review app that you want to use.


This section allows you to customize the format, color, and direction of different components.


Check this box to set the direction of the text based on the language that you have selected.

Title text color

You can set the color of the title text here

Link text & icon color

Use this element to set the color of the link text and the icon.

Link text & icon hover color

You can set the color of the link text & icon hover color.

Border color

This element sets the border color of the app block.

CSS style

There is an input box to insert custom CSS and further customize the elements.

Case #1: Adjust space and margin

#rush-items-in-shipment {  
border: 1px solid;
padding: 0 1rem !important;
border-radius: 8px !important; }


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