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🗓️ Delivery Date App Block

The logic of the app block is specific to a product. It is used primarily on product details pages (PDP).

Note that a Smart Delivery feature provides AI-based predictive delivery estimates, while this block displays hardcoded data. Read more about the block here: 🎯 Smart Delivery Estimate App Block


This app block shows delivery date components. This block shares shipping information like the expected delivery date, minimum and maximum days for delivery, and the destination country.


You can see the Settings panel on the left side of the screen which allows you to configure this block’s properties.


This app block will be hidden for non-fulfillment products, virtual products, or products out of inventory.



Please feel free to write the message you want to display when this block is in use.


You can further customize the message with the shortcodes:

  • {min_days} - returns the minimum number. For example, 5.
  • {max_days} - returns the maximum number. For example, 10.
  • {min_date} - returns the minimum date formatted based on configuration. For example, Aug 26.
  • {max_date} - returns the maximum date formatted based on configuration. For example, Aug 31
  • {country_flag} - returns the visitor geolocation as emoji flag: https://emojipedia.org/flags/ 
  • {country_name} - returns the visitor geolocation as country name. For example, the United States.

Refer to the troubleshooting section at the end of this article to learn more about the geolocation mapping service.

Minimum delivery days

This counter allows you to select the minimum delivery days it’ll take to deliver the order.


Maximum delivery days

This counter lets you set the maximum delivery days it’ll take to deliver the order.


Include weekend days

You can check this box to include weekend days in your delivery time. Uncheck it if you only count the working/business days.


Date format

You can specify the date format for the app block.


Available formats are:

  • Aug 31 (MMM D)
  • Wed, 31 Aug (ddd, DD, MMM)
  • 31 Aug (D MMM)
  • Wed, Aug 31 (ddd, MMM DD)
  • 31.8 (D.M)
  • Wed 31.8 (ddd D.M)
  • 31-8 (D-M)
  • 2021-08-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • 2021.08.31 (YYYY.MM.DD)


Based on the language you selected for your page, you can set the direction of the text in the app block.


Text color

Customize the text color as required.


CSS style

This input box is to set the custom CSS.



How to report a wrong IP location?

Rush uses Maxmind as a geolocation database and updates its GeoIP database weekly.

You can use the Maxmind tool and make sure that Maxmind shows the correct country code. If the data is incorrect:

  • Please submit IP correction requests through Maxmind.
  • Contact the Support Team if Maxmind is showing the correct country code, but the request header is incorrect.

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