Notification Triggers


This article explains Rush events and their triggers sent out to integrated apps like Omnisend, Klaviyo and Rush Smart Email. These triggers are set in place so that the customers can get timely updates on relevant information, about their order and parcel status - what is the status, what is the estimated delivery date, carrier contact details for more information. These triggers also help business owners to design custom workloads based on each status of the order/parcel and not only offer shipment details and tracking links, but offer complimentary products, discounts, and valuable tips about the products or services.

Rush triggers

All triggers around Rush systems are the same for all integrations or features. This means that there are the same triggers for Omnisend, Klaviyo, or Rush Native emails. 

Here are Rush triggers with description: 




New Order


New order created for the parcel. Data sent does not include fulfilment information, but consists of tracking page link.

New Shipment


Tracking information for the parcel is added to an order. This is usually dispatched when we have, for the first time, tracking number related to an order.

New Checkpoint


New message received from the carrier related to the parcel. Each new checkpoint of the parcel or shipment history will trigger this event.

New Shipment Status


Any major shipment status change for the parcel e.g. from Pending to In-Transit to Out For Delivery to Delivered etc.


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