My shipment quota is over the limit, what now?

My shipment quota is over the limit, what now? Here is a quite what you can do once you reach your shipment quota. Slav

First congrats, this means you are reaching new milestones for your store!

Once your shipments in your plans ended, you have two options:

Upgrading or downgrading your plan is pretty straight forward.

If you're currently on the FREE plan and you've ran out of your Monthly free quota, go to Rush - Ship, Track & Notify -> Billing -> click on Upgrade plan

a Pop-up modal will appear and you can select a plan of your choice

If you still want to see a table with features for each of our plans click here.

When you pick your plan, click Upgrade, you can read what Benefits (Features) will unlock for you and click Approve Subscription.


  • Rush will never over-charge you.

  • You can always Upgrade / Downgrade or simply Top-up (increase charge limit) your account with funds to continue using Rush.

  • Rush will notify you via email and with a Message Box within the app if you're getting close to your Monthly limit or if you already have reached your limit.

  • If the monthly limit is reached, Rush will continue on Syncing your Orders Tracking Numbers and will keep them in "Pending" mode.


If you decide to Increase Your Cap amount and still continue on using Rush, follow this article to Learn How to do so.

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