Merchant’s note in shipment emails

Merchant’s note in shipment emails A perfect way to make announcements or promotions using the shipment email notifications 

Activating it in the setup is easy and quick:

From Apps -> Rush - Ship, Track & Notify -> Settings -> Merchant’s Note -> Click Configure -> Email Notifications

Here you can find the settings for the Marchant’s note. On top are the settings for Marchant’s note on the Tracking page, followed by the settings for the Email notifications (the shipping e-mails).

To activate this function click Enable. To disable it – Disable.

By using the fields Title and Message you can create your own custom announcement/promotion, which will become visible in the body of the shipment emails. This announcement/promotion can be changed/updated at any time. Markdown syntax is enabled for these fields, which means you can easily format the text using non-alphabetic characters like # or * etc. They help you format the text in bold, italic or add a link to your store (or page within your store). Learn more [how to use Markdown].

Here’s an example for using Markdown in the message body:

You can control where (within the e-mail) and how (on which emails) the Мerchant’s note is sent by using the Smart Email Notification menu.

Apps -> Rush - Ship, Track & Notify -> Settings -> Smart Email Notifications -> Click Configure

If you still don’t have custom emails based on triggers set up, you can follow the how-to guide here: Configure new email notification

If you already have existing emails – to add/remove the merchant’s note or change its placement in the email click the Edit button next to the email you want.

Afterward on top of the Email Content field by default (marked in grey), you will see short codes for the merchant’s note.

Note: These are just references to the note titles and note messages you have already set up in the merchant’s note menu.

Here is an example of how the merchant's note within shipment email visualizes:

Using the editor you can delete the short codes for the merchant’s note or change their placement in the email. You can also use the menu on the right with all short codes to customize the emails based on your needs and style.

You can also read the description of all shortcodes if you are not sure what is what.

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