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Manual Carrier Mapping for Different Tracking Numbers

Manual Carrier Mapping for Different Tracking Numbers Carrier not recognized? You can manually update it.

We've introduced a new feature that allows you to help Rush in cases where you believe some Tracking Numbers are not properly mapped by our system.

This happens when several couriers are using identical Tracking Numbers and we need to request a confirmation from you which courier is the right for your store.

Method #1 - Change Each Shipment Separately

When enter a specific Shipment Tracking Number, you'll see a link saying "Change" right next to the original tracking number.

Click on "Change" and you will have the option to select the right carrier from the dropdown list manually.

When you're ready click "Save"

After changes are applied, Rush will prioritize your selection for all tracking numbers that are falling under this rule.

Method #2 - Change In Bulk

It follows the same process, but under "Shipments" you can Bulk Select the shipments that you want to update the shipping carrier for.

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