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Last Mile carrier

Last Mile carrier What is Last Mile Carrier and why it matters. Slav

In short, the last-mile carrier is the final one that delivers the order to the customer. In terms of dropshipping, maybe an example is best.

Why you should care

Benefits of knowing the last-mile carrier:

  • Increased customer satisfaction - customers see carriers they recognize rather than ones they never heard of;

  • Less time spent in support - you can proactively give contacts to the last-mile carrier, so if failed delivery happens, the customer can handle the scheduling of redelivery.

  • Fewer chargebacks - we know that once clients see orders traveling with unknown carriers they just recheck the order and request chargebacks, as sometimes they think it is a scam.

Once your fulfillment service provider fulfills an order they can set the global carrier tracking number (e.g. from companies like YunExpress, 4PX, China Post or others) However, those carriers will not deliver the order to your customer's address, the last-mile carrier (local post, etc) will do that.

Example: YunExpress tracking number YT2104121266032515 , on their own page, will show you that last-mile carrier us USPS (based on tracking number)

So in the Rush system, you will be able to see the inside shipment information:

Choose what to show on your tracking page:

In your tracking page confirmation, you can pick what carrier you want to show based on carrier options:

You can find more about each configuration here: Rush Branded Tracking page.

How do we process shipment events based on different types of carriers?

The short answer is we are showing all global checkpoint events, until the first last-mile carrier event enters a status "In transit". In this case, we are switching and showing only events from the last-mile carrier.

We are doing that so the customer always sees the order moving. Here is an example.

Case 1: Global carrier is In transit, but the last-mile carrier is in pending status.

YunExpress is sharing checkpoints of carrier movement, from 3rd March

But USPS is still not showing any new information, and probably for a couple more days, till it receives the order and start its own transit.

For this case, customers will see events from Yun Express, as shown below:

Case 2: Global carrier is In transit and the last-mile carrier is in In transit status as well.

Global carrier status is again In transit :

But the last-mile carrier as well:

In this case, we will take only events from the last-mile carrier, as they provide better customer information.

Known issues

It takes time for the last-mile carrier to populate this information. In the example below, you already know which is the last-mile carrier, but no tracking number has been provided yet:

There are cases where this information can be populated days after the carrier has a tracking number.

In some cases, this information is not set at all.

The last-mile carrier is added but you can't look it up on the carrier website.

You can see that YunExpress return the carrier and tracking number

But Royal Mail still does not process it:

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