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Issue: Omnisend sudden drop in Sent emails from Automations

Issue: Omnisend sudden drop in Sent emails from Automations How to fix most frequent issue with Omnisend API Slav

If you see this kind of drop like the one below:

You are experiencing event discard - Omnisend refuses to use Rush events. We are constantly monitoring our services, so if we see this, our customer support team will contact you. Currently, there is no way to see if Omnisend is refusing our events clearly on Omninsed UI.

Why does this issue occur?

Omnisend API applies a strict property type policy on their data. So if a property is auto-matched incorrectly to a different type, the events will be discarded, when the property later is matched correctly.


After the fix is applied:

Note that the example is checking this field specifically, but it can be other fields as well.

How to fix it?

Step 1: Deactivate your Omnisend account.

Step 2: Go to Store Settings > Integrations & API > Custom events

Step 3: Delete all RUSH_* events

Step 4: Confirm for all RUSH_* events.

Step 5: Go back to the Rush app, and click Configure.

Step 6: Send random events

Step 7: Activate Omnisend again

Step 8: That's all

Keep watching over your sent emails for the next 24h. If you continue to have an email send discard - reach out to Customer Support.

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