1. Rush Notifications
  2. Sending Emails using Smart Email Notifications

Introducing: Rush Smart Email Notifications

How do they work? How to take the best out of them

In order to start setting up your order and shipping notifications your store apps, Rush app, Settings and scroll down to Smart Email Notifications and click on "Activate" followed by "Configure":

Smart Email Notifications - 1


All email notifications will be sent from this email: update@order-notification-transactional.mailer.rush.app, but if a customer uses it to reply to it, it will be automatically re-routed to store customer email setup in Shopify.

Note: Currently, we do not offer a custom email address, based on your domain.

For each active e-mail notification that you have, you may choose to add an additional e-mail in BCC to send a copy of the e-mail.

You can add:

● one e-mail recipient – e.g. john@domain.com

● many e-mails (separated by comma) – e.g. john@domain.com,doe@domain.com

● or leave it empty if you don’t need to receive bcc for every email.


Below are the most common e-mail notification types that are pre-set for your convenience and can be activated with a single click:


To activate email, click on enable, or to see get a preview click on Send Test Notification, and enter the email where you want to see it.


What’s next?

Go ahead and add custom email flows 🙌