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Integrating ShipBob and Rush


The focus of this article is to share information about ShipBob and its integration with Rush. ShipBob is an app that provides fulfillment solutions to online brands. With ShipBob, merchants and e-commerce store owners can handle pick-up, packaging, and delivery to their customers.

The integration of ShipBob and Rush further revolutionizes this process by helping customers see pre-shipment events, or actual ShipBob warehouse events on a brand’s custom tracking page. As soon as the shipping label is added, Rush will start showing the shipping events on the order tracking page.

To see other apps integrated with Rush, refer to the article Rush Integrations.


This integration is available on the Rush Growth plan subscription.

Step-by-step guide

To integrate ShipBob and Rush, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Rush app.
  2. Click on Add-Ons from the navigation sidebar on the left.unnamed-3
  3. In the Free section, the ShipBob Integration widget is located.

  4. Click on Activate.unnamed (1)-2
  5. From the More dropdown menu, click on Configure.unnamed (2)-2
  6. The ShipBob Configuration page will open.unnamed (3)-2
  7. In the Accounts section, click on Connect.unnamed (4)-2
  8. The ShipBob Login page will open.unnamed (5)-2
  9. After filling in the credentials, approve the integration.unnamed (6)-2
  10. A pop-up message will appear to notify about the ShipBob integration with Rush.unnamed (7)-1
  11. In the Accounts section of the ShipBob Configuration, you can see the Rush App now.unnamed (8)


That’s all. You’ve successfully integrated ShipBob and Rush.


You can turn on/off this integration as required and you can also remove the ShipBob account from Rush.

Your clients will be able to see the Shipbob's warehouse statuses on your tracking page


After ShipBob and Rush are integrated, this is how the customers can see warehouse events on a brand’s modern-themed tracking page:

unnamed (9)


This is what a traditional-themed tracking page looks like:

unnamed (10)


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