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Integrating ShipBob and Rush

Integrating ShipBob and Rush Learn how to show your Warehouse & Shipment statuses inside Rush Branded Order Status Page 

Special deal from ShipBob and Rush!

Did you know that 17% of all customers go to the tracking page to check where the order is before there is even a shipment associated with it?

Integrating ShipBob with Rush will help customers see your warehouse (pre-shipment) events on your tracking page. Like:

Modern looking tracking order page

Traditional looking tracking order page

The integration helps you to give peace of mind to all your anxious customers. As soon as Rush gets the tracking number, we will switch to showing the tracking events based on it.

Note that you can:

  • Always turn on/off the integration;

  • You can remove the ShipBob account from Rush.

A full list of integrations can be found HERE

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