Increase Tracking Page Revenue Generation


The focus of this article is to provide guidance to the ecommerce business owners to bring their customers on their custom tracking pages as a way to make more sales and in turn increase revenue generation.

The two ways to increase the sales via the tracking page are:

  1. Direct the customers to the tracking page after they make a purchase.
  2. Set up your tracking page correctly.

Let’s explore the above mentioned ways to make sales on the tracking page.

Direct customers to tracking page post-purchase

To bring customers to your tracking page, keep in mind the following:

  • Make sure to add the link to your tracking page while sending out emails or SMS notifications to the customers. This way, the customers can get updates on their orders and also see what more your tracking page has to offer.
  • If you are a Shopify store owner, turn on the Shopify order status page/Thank you page feature to show a tracking link on it.
  • Set a navigation link to the tracking page clearly on your home page.

Setup tracking page correctly

The first thing to understand about a tracking page is that customers will visit it to get updates regarding their orders. Only after getting informed about their order status and feeling secure about it, the customers will continue exploring the rest of the items displayed on a tracking page.

Following are some ways to market to the customers who visit your tracking page:

  • Give a discount of 10-20% on your deals marketing it as a lighting deal for a limited time.
  • Profit maximizers are the products where you have the highest profit margin. It usually entails very cheap deals with good profit on volume like the products that range from $10 to $25 so that the customers do not spend time thinking about the price.
  • In case of consumables, put the best sellers there. That way the customers already have an idea about the product and might be stoked on getting a deal on it.
  • Mostly the customers are visiting your tracking page via their mobile phones. It simply means that they’re on the run, so make it easy for them to pick, buy and move on.

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