Increase Tracking Page revenue generation

Tips on how to sell more on the tracking page

There are two ways to increase sales via the tracking page:

  1. Bring more of your customers after purchase to the tracking page.
  2. Setup tracking page correct

Bring more of your customers after purchase to the tracking page

  1. Make sure your emails/sms have a link to the tracking page, where users can see the order;
  2. If you are a Shopify Store owner turn on the Shopify order status page/Thank you page feature to show a tracking link on it.
  3. Set a navigation link to the tracking page clearly on your home page.

Setup Tracking page correctly

The first thing you should think about is why the customer is coming to this page, and then actually think about how you can provide further value. We think about the page in the following way:

"Customers are coming to answer their question - where is shipment. After they feel secure that all is fine, they can continue spending more on it."

Some tips:

  • Give a discount of 10-20% on your deals, market it as "Lighting deal" for a limited time;
    • Profit maximizes ( the product where you have the highest profit margin). Usually very cheap deals with good profit on volume (product between $10-$25) that customer does not spend time thinking about the price.
    • If you are seeking consumables - put your best sellers there, to make sure customers are always stoked? Are they low on something? Why not buy a bundle package?
Think about your users  - they are on mobile phones (80% of all visits), on the run, make it easy to pick, buy and move on.